After years of preparation our online store is finally ready to accept orders nationwide. We are starting off with automatic/adjustable desks for adults and kids alike. To sweeten the pot, we are throwing FREE SHIPPING on all purchases storewide and in addition, if you sign up or register, you'll get a chance to receive additional discounts and/or complementary gifts. Store officially opens at 8AM PST on April 27. For the sit to stand desks currently there's only one size available with pre-matched frames, contrary to the other "mix and match" options offered by many others. We did in fact contemplated on opening doors for customers to do mix and match, however one of our core beliefs is to offer simiple and easy solutions to any aspect of customer's shopping experience. If we did allow mix and match, we'd be opening doors to other risks that are unknown to us by utilizing 3rd party parts. Customer's safety and ease of installation is our top priority and we'd like to have products well tested out. If you ever feel we should in fact consider something that would make your lives much easier, please feel free to leave comments via our Contact Form from "Contact Us" Page. We'd love to hear feedbacks and you'll never know, we may include your thoughts and ideas in our next generation of adjustable desks.

The children's adjustable desks is our newest addition to our product line of adjustable desks. We hope you will love these desks as much as we do. Not only does it come in adorable choice colors of Wild Strawberry Pink and Denim Blue, it's practical, essential tool and great gift for the little ones to show how much you love and care about them. In addition, all children's desk orders come with a complementary Book Shelf (original value of $49.99). Order now as we only have limited shelves available.

Picture: Guo inspecting and testing out our latest shipment before outbound to the US :)