Our children's desks finally passed QC and is already on a shipping vessel to land soon around end of June. Give or take another week for either clearing customs or receiving inventory and we should be all set to go! Hopefully in early July you'll see the product status is "In Stocks"! The adjustable chairs for kids is slightly behind our schedule but should ship out from Asia in two weeks.

On a slightly different topic, there's been more buzz on the effect of "standing" to students during class! In 2014 researchers from the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health have published a study that students provided with standing desks exhibited higher rates of engagement in the classroom than their seated counterparts. The research looked at the results of an experiment in which 282 participants in grades 2-4 were observed for a whole school year. To summarize, this study shows that on-task engagement increased 12 percent! That’s like getting an additional 7 mins per hour of engaged activity with students. These includes answering questions, raising hands or actively participating in classroom discussions.

Earlier this year, two California schools (San Rafael and Oakland) already started to use standing desks in their classrooms! All reports rave that kids burn off excess energy, keeps them away from obesity and not to mention increased concentration in class! Branch, who teaches math at Montera Middle School says: "Kid’s brains are in rest mode when they are sitting and for young men, the situation is made worse by testosterone kicking through their body at a rapid pace." Corey Whelan from CBS Los Angeles observed that, "Standing desks allow students to get their brains in sync with their bodies and channel excess energy into focus and productivity".

Do kids need to stand all day? No, same with the grown-ups, the intent is to encourage more movement without being disruptive in class. Students get the option to sit on a stool if their legs are too sore. Looks like more and more people from all ages are considering the upsides of standing desks and how they can benefit from productivity and health, leading to a more fulfilling life.

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