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  • Complete control system for Elite and Flex Series standing desk. It consists of a control box ( Model# DYH-014 Version 1301700-1) and memory controller (Model# SKQ-29).
  • Replaces following older control systems:
    • Control box model # DHY-08B with 2 button controller (Manufactured in 2015)
    • Control box model# DYH-014 Version 1301700 with 2 button or SKQ-24 controller (Manufactured in 2016)
  • You may not be able to use the mounting holes for DYH-08B to mount this newer and smaller control box. Use cable ties instead. Visit this link for details:
  • Programmable with 4 presets and LED display

Please feel free to email when in doubt.


This memory controller makes each height transition quick and easy. 

- Compatible with the Elite and Flex Series Standing Desk
- LED Height Display 
- 4 Programmable Height Presets
- 2 Buttons for Up/Down
- Control box model DYH-014, batch 1301700-1. Replaces old model DYH-08B.


  • Controller rarely goes out. Purchase this controller ONLY if your controller has suffered physical damage like severed cable.
  • Check the model number on your control box before purchasing. This controller is ONLY compatible with control box model# DYH-014 version 1301700-1 (not 1301700).
  • If you are upgrading your control system or controller panel does not light up, purchase BOTH control box and controller.

Please email if you are unsure whether you should purchase control box/controller combo, or just controller.

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