Reasons to Add a Side Desk

Side Desks are a great addition to your current standing desk setup and home or office workstation. They provide added space for other items or can even serve as an additional smaller work station when needed. Check out the benefits of having a side desk below in case you’re considering one!

Holds Office Items
The Side Desk is meant to be paired with other desks as an additional space for office items. The desk can hold up to 200 lbs., so it’s perfect for holding: printers, scanners, computers, fax machines, files, phones, and more. The stationary design can sit next to your current desk without taking up much space. Pair it with the Elite Desk bundle with a standing desk for a complete workstation.

Additional Work Space
The Side Desk also makes for a great additional workspace. If needed, the side desk functions as a smaller desk you can utilize instead of a full-size standing desk. It measures 47” long by 23” wide with a height of 28” inches, providing the perfect size and space for a side desk.

Desk Features
The desk features a built-in cable slot for cable management and organization. It comes in four color options: Black, Light Oak, Red Apple, and White, allowing you to match your current furniture. The design is also perfect for young students or gamers who do not need a height-adjustable desk.

Having a side desk is a great addition to your computer workstation. By adding a side desk, you can allocate space for your office items and accessories, while maintaining an organized workspace. If you’re interested in side desks, check out ours today by clicking here.

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