How to Use a Mobile Desk

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If you’re looking for a desk for your specific profession or home life, then a mobile desk is something to consider. Yes, they can be smaller than a regular sized standing desk, but they have plenty to offer aside from large desktop space. Check out the many benefits of mobile desks below:


Mobile Desks are extremely convenient for many reasons. Obviously the name says it all; they are mobile and made to be rolled around your work area. Whether you work in hospital and have to see patients in many different rooms, or you’re a teacher and need a podium that rolls around the class, then a mobile desk is made for your career. The mobile desk includes caster wheels to wheel it around the room or even outdoors.



The desktop features a tablet slot for your electronic devices. You can insert your device to use it wherever needed with your mobile desk. It’s perfect if you use your mobile desk in different rooms in your home or office, for helping customers, or online meetings.



Many mobile desks include locks on the casters. This will allow you to stand in a stationary position with the desk without it wobbling. The locking mechanisms allow you to present like a podium, use it while typing, or even as a side table when needed. The locks can be flipped with your finger . . . or even toes!


Adjustable Height

Most mobile desks are powered by gas cylinders. There are no electric outlets needed. This means that all you need to do to adjust the height is simply press the lever and gently lift or lower the desk.

The design allows you to instantly raise or lower the height depending on how you need to use the desk at different times.


Assembly time varies from person to person, but most mobile desks shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes to assemble. All parts and pieces are included in the box as well as an instruction manual with step-by-step guides and illustrations. Its lightweight design makes it easy for one person to set up by themselves.

Who Could Use a Mobile Desk?

Most people can use a mobile desk, but we wanted to detail some great uses it can offer to certain individuals. Teachers can use it in their classroom for their lessons or for their students. Nurses and doctors can get great use out of it while wheeling it around the hospital to chart patient data. Mobile desks make perfect online meeting desks for working from home individuals. They also make great office accessories for secretaries and support team members dealing with customers daily.


Check it Out!

Mobile desks make a great alternative to a stationary standing desk. They provide the right amount of space for writing, typing, and mobility for whoever needs a desk that rolls with you wherever you need a desk! So if you're interested in purchasing one for your home or office, check out our mobile desks by clicking here.

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