Why Choose a Desk Riser?

Desk Risers are a great alternative to getting a full-sized standing desk. But many do not know the benefits or reasons to purchase one. Deciding whether to go with a desk converter or riser has many considerations: size of the desktop, functionality of the riser, how high it raises, and even pricing. Check out our reasons to get a riser below to help you decide:

Walnut Electric Desk Riser

Affordable Price

Are you interested in standing desks, but don’t want to pay the price for a full-sized desk? Then a desk riser may be the right option for you. Its price is more affordable than a larger standing desk because it’s meant to sit on top of your current desk setup due to its compact size. Most standing desks cost anywhere from $100-$300, depending on the functionality, features, and if it’s electric or pneumatic.

Electric or Pneumatic

Desk Risers and Converters can be either electric or pneumatic depending on the design. With an electric riser, you might pay slightly more than a pneumatic, but if you prefer it to rise at the push of a button, then electric is the way to go. Many electric risers also include great features like USB charging ports and grommets. However, if you don’t mind using a little hand pressure, then a gas-spring pneumatic desk riser might be the way to go. The great thing about pneumatic desks is they do not require any electricity or power cords, so this could be great if your room has limited power outlets.


Functionality and Size

Desk risers are often more compact than a full-sized standing desk. This means that they are meant to sit on top of your current desktop or table. So they’re not meant to replace your desk, but to make it better by adding the rise and lower feature so you can decide when you want to sit and stand throughout your day.

White Electric Desk Riser

Simple Assembly

Desk risers have fewer components, which equals less time spent during set up and installation. Most users take only about 30 minutes to setup their risers, and once completed, it’s ready for your computer and monitors. They’re also more lightweight and portable than standing desks, making them easier to bring with you in the car or whenever you need to move your furniture.

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Check out Risers for Yourself!

Desk risers are a great alternative to standing desks. There are many on the market with features ranging from electric powered, to pneumatic, to even memory functions and electronic ports included. If you're interested in purchasing one for your home or office, check out our electronic desk risers by clicking here.

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