Electric Standing Desks vs. Pneumatic Standing Desks

Electric Standing Desks vs. Pneumatic Standing Desks

If you’re considering a standing desk, then you’ll find plenty of pneumatic and electric desk options in stores and online.
Deciding between pneumatic desks vs. electric standing desks has multiple considerations, ranging from affordability to height adjustably. We’ve listed below the multiple benefits that both styles have to offer below to take the guesswork out of your next desk upgrade!

Pneumatic Desks

Pneumatic Desks are a great affordable option to consider when picking a standing desk. They range from desk converters to full-on standing desks. Here are the benefits we wanted to share below so you can determine if the pneumatic route is right for you:

  1. Affordability: Pneumatic Desks are more affordable than electric desks because they do not contain any electric components.
  2. No Electricity: No power cord or electricity source is needed to power the desk since they have gas cylinders as their height adjustable mechanism.
  3. Easy Assembly: These desks have fewer components, which equals less time spent during set up and installation.
  4. Simple Design: Most pneumatic desks feature just one handle or lever to raise the desk, making them the easiest standing desks to use.
  5. Light Weight: Pneumatic desks are light weight and many come with built-in caster wheels that make them easier to move around your space.

Pneumatic 55" Standing Desk

Electric Desks

Electric Desks are the more intuitive option with various height adjustments at the click of a button as well as memory functions, so you can choose many standing and sitting options throughout the day with ease. Check out the main benefits of electric desks below:

  1. Electric Motor: Fully motorized, the desk height can be adjusted with a touch of a button without any effort from you. Let the electric dual motors do all the work.
  2. Memory Functions: Many electric standing desks come with multiple height adjustment buttons as well as memory functions. This way, you can set multiple height preferences for you to sit and stand throughout your day at different height levels.
  3. More Stable: Electric desks are more solid standing on the floor because they are heavier due to their solid frames and motors, which also makes them less likely to wobble at various height levels when in use.
  4. Weight Capacity: They have a stronger weight capacity to hold all of your desk items securely due to their sturdy frames and legs.
  5. Modern Design: Let’s face it; an electric standing desk adds style and appeal to any room or office because of its modern look and features. Go ahead and show it off!

Elite Standing Desk

The Desk Choice is Yours!

Still not sure which desk is right for you? Then consider what fits best in your space based on size, features, and style of the desk. We recommend looking at multiple electric as well as pneumatic desks so you can see which has the right features for you. If you're interested in purchasing one for your home or office, check out our entire collection of standing desks by clicking here.

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