Which Gaming Desk Should You Pick

Best Gaming Desks

If you’re a PC gamer, you know the importance of having a desk that can accommodate your computer and all of your gaming gear: speakers, headphones, consoles, monitors, and more. You want a desk that not only functions well, but also looks amazing with all of your expensive tech. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and listed the benefits of our popular standing desks and their features to help you decide which would be the best gaming desk for you.

Elite Standing Desk

The Elite is our most popular standing desk for multiple reasons. First, its curved shape is what catches the eye. The 71” and 60” Elite desks both have a curved shape, allowing you to sit as close as possible to the desk for the ultimate immersive gaming experience. We know that during an intense game you want to be as close to the screen for quick action and beating your opponents online. And with the Elite, you can adjust the height from 29” up to 48”, so you can sit or stand depending on your preference for each game.

Choose from various colors, including: Bamboo, Black, Light Oak, Red Apple, Rustic Grey, Teakwood, and White as well as a black or white frame to match your gaming station. The Elite stands out among other gaming desks with its preset memory functions. You can set up to 4 sit and standing height preferences that change at the touch of a button, allowing you to focus on your game and not on distractions.

Vortex Standing Desk

The Vortex is an amazing standing desk that’s more of a rectangular shape without any curve. It comes in Black, Light Cherry, Rustic Grey, or Walnut to match your specific style.

The Vortex would be an amazing desk for a gamer who wants an electric standing desk, but doesn’t want to pay full price. Its width allows you to choose from a smaller desk or wider based on the multiple width options in comes in: 48”, 55”, and 60” to fit your room and setup size. Like the Elite, it also features 4 preset memory options, and it is height adjustable from 28.8” to 47.7” with a touch of a button.

Pneumatic Desks

Pneumatic Desks are an affordable alternative to electric standing desks since they require no plugs or outlets to use. They are powered by dual-gas cylinders that raise or lower the height with the press of a handle, making them great for a gamer who wants a desk without the extra features an electric desk offers. The 55” Pneumatic Desk is wide enough for your pc and gaming gear, and it comes in either black or rustic grey for a clean modern look. The great thing about using a pneumatic desk is you do not need to take up any power outlets for your desk since it requires no electricity. It’s the perfect desk for a gamer who wants to focus only on their game and nothing else.

Pick your Gaming Desk!

Still not sure which gaming desk would be best for you? We get it. The best thing to do when deciding on which gaming desk works best for your setup is measure your space first. Check how much room you have for a desk; whether it’s a 48”, 55”, 60”, 71” or even more room. Then figure out if you want an electric or pneumatic desk based on how you plan on using your desk throughout the day. If you stand a lot while you play, then electric may be the way to go. However, if you prefer to be a sitting gamer and only plan on using your desk for seating gaming, then a pneumatic desk may be the more affordable and better option for you. The choice is yours. Check out all of our desks by clicking here.

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